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Welcome to Verdadera Destreza Ottawa, where we study the Spanish Christian swordfighting style ("la verdadera Destreza") used in Spain during the renaissance and early modern period, as well as Christian military history.

We mostly follow the teachings of Geronimo de Carranza (1539 - 1608) and Luis Pacheco de Narvaez (1570 - 1640) via their books (both in Spanish):

Filosofia de las Armas... Geronimo de Carranza (1582)
Grandezas de la Espada... Luis Pacheco de Narvaez (1599)

Classes are accompanied by summary handouts so students will be able to look up the material for practice or reference as well as use the curriculum outline as a progress marker. Long-term students will eventually have made a book out of their handouts describing the entirety of Carranza's/Pacheco's swordfighting style.


Instruction is in English and/or Spanish.
The curriculum is generally structured in the following format:
- (~5 classes) footwork fundamentals, without the use of the sword (steps)
- (~5 classes) sword fundamentals
- rotating curriculum (from Pacheco's Grandezas...) between "vs. common fencing/turks", "first intention attacks", "second intention attacks"

Each class ends with a short lesson on Christian military history.
Some classes also include watching videos of bladed combat in real life (mostly machete and knife attacks).

----- REQUIREMENTS -----

All students must be:
- Christian
- Male
- Over the age of 16
- Of able body and mind

No equipment or specialized clothing required.
Cost: $10/class*
* message me if cost is an issue, we can probably work something out.

----- WHEN/WHERE -----

Saturday, any two-hour block between 10am and 8pm. Classes are usually held in my apartment's squash courts (or at the nearby park if the weather is cooperative), at 2881 Richmond Rd.

The 97 bus passes directly in front of the building and there is free parking along nearby Grenon Ave. and paid visitor parking at the building's own parking lot.

Contact me if you are interested in joining. No pop-ins.
text only (do not call): 613-620-6036

----- LIBRARY -----

While the above linked books form most of our curriculum, below are various other related books. If you feel that I am missing any Spanish swordfighting essentials, send me an e-mail.

Compendio de la Filosofia - Pacheco's edit of Carranza's book (1612)
Nueva Ciencia HANDWRITTEN - Pacheco (1625)
Nueva Ciencia PRINTED (1672) - Pacheco (1625)
Modo Facil y Nuevo - Pacheco (1625)
Engaño y desengaño - Pacheco (1635)
Metodo de Enseñanza - Diaz (1639)
Advertencias para la Enseñanza - Pacheco (1642)
Resumen de la verdadera Destreza - Arias (1667)
Comprension de Destreza - Vega (1681)
Resumen de la verdadera Destreza - Antonio (1688)
Cartilla y Luz - Tamariz (1696)
Nobleza de la Espada - Rada (1705)
Defensa de la VD - Rada (1711)
Repuesta a Rada - de la Paz (1712)
Principios Universales - Brea (1805)
Destreza del Sable - Frias (1809)
Esgrima de Bayoneta - Sanchez (1853)
Comprension de Destreza - Vega (1861)
Esgrima del Sable - Sanz (1886)
Espada Ropera en siglos xvi y xvii - Valle (1983)