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test thumbnail   Director, Background Artist   -   Slave Ship (in development)   open/close button

A text-adventure video game currently in development for Android. As director I have my hand in all facets of development, but I am also the primary artist and story plotter.

test thumbnail   Founder, Developer   -   Mud Lake Biodiversity project (in development)   open/close button

An on-going project to pictorially catalogue all forms of life found at the Britannia Conservation Area here in Ottawa, Ontario. Photos are obtained through on-site field work as well as community donations.

test thumbnail   Graphic Designer   -   Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli   open/close button

A variety of signs for the Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli ranging from small labels for olives and meats to full-page advertisements during the Christmas season.

test thumbnail   Spanish Translator   -   Starwhal   open/close button

English to Spanish translation as well as an unused English to Latin translation. ¡Disfrutados con el primer y mejor videojuego involucrando mamíferos marines en el espacio!

test thumbnail   Character Animator, Level Designer   -   Marvin's Mittens   open/close button

Over one hundred frames of hand drawn animation. I also drew many of the earlier backgrounds and designed several levels using a proprietary level editor/engine. Now available on Steam!

test thumbnail   Character Modeler, Animator   -   Flim Flam Fernandez   open/close button

Character modeler (using plasticine) and animator. Developed during the 2010 Global Game Jam. YouTube gameplay video

test thumbnail   Character Designer, Animator   -   Robots and Girl   open/close button

Designed and animated the lead player characters and designed and implemented various levels. Developed during the 2009 Global Game Jam. YouTube gameplay video